Gina L. (San Diego, CA)

Kevin processed my loan on a short sale with an extremely tight closing deadline. Due to the fact that I reside in San Diego, I used a different real estate agent (who is also incredible!).  She was concerned about the narrow window of time we had to close escrow; however, Kevin was consistently nine steps ahead of everyone else.  He is a fantastic communicator, insanely organized, fastidious to every detail, and made certain that I was poised to produce every document I needed well before I was required to submit it.  Kevin secured an incredible rate for me and was uncannily spot on in his estimations regarding closing costs and mortgage payments.  I was told by so many homeowners that the escrow process was a stressful and oftentimes, nerve-wracking one.  I can't think of a single moment when I doubted we would close on time, and I attribute this to Kevin's calm demeanor and unparalleled work ethic.  Kevin is someone you can whole-heartedly trust and depend on to take care of your real estate and loan needs.  I cannot recommend him highly enough!!

- Gina L. (San Diego, CA)