Jemi A. (Lake Forest, CA)

Kevin Kim is reliable, trustworthy and hard working.  In this day and age where real estate agents and brokers are self-serving sharks who do not have their clients' best interests in mind, Kevin emerges as a beacon of light.

We used Kevin's service, knowledge and expertise when we refinanced our home, and he worked tirelessly to consolidate our loans and used his razor-sharp instincts to get us a significantly lower interest rate, saving us several hundreds of dollars each month.

His work ethic is a source of amazement to me and my husband, especially when he treats each and every client as if we were billionaires (which we definitely are not.... though one can always dream, right?).  I respect his guiding philosophy about each client, knowing that no matter the amount of money the client has, it is their life savings, earned through blood, sweat and tears... and Kevin does not take that responsibility lightly.

He returns all correspondences immediately, whether it is an email, text, or phone call.  There have been several incidences in which I sent Kevin a quick email regarding some questions or other; though these were not urgent emails, Kevin responded within the hour, taking the time out of his very busy schedule to call me with suggestions and advice.

Kevin is one of the best out there in the business.  When my husband and I are ready to buy our new home, Kevin will be the first person we plan to call.

- Jemi A. (Lake Forest, CA)