M.P. (Anaheim, CA)

If I can give this man more than 5 stars I totally would. Two years ago Kevin help me and my family find a place to lease because we were not ready to purchase our first home and fast forward to now Kevin did it again by helping us find a home that we truly love.  It took us months to find "our home". It was not an easy task, but Kevin made it as smooth as he can for us.  He didn't let us settle for any home. He made sure we were completely happy and satisfy. My husband had a lot of questions and concerns and Kevin not once did not answer them. He was prompt with his responses.  

It took us months to find our home. I was getting discourage and sad that we couldn't find a place, but Kevin reassured us that the one will come.  No matter how fast or how long it will take us he will help us find it.  He did not lied.  Not only did he helped us find our home, he went above and beyond to negotiate with the seller to give us the best deal possible.  I would say our month in escrow went more smoothly than I anticipated.

Kevin will be our realtor for life!!!  I highly recommend this man. He's very professional and honest.  He knew exactly what I wanted in my home more than my husband.  He is also good at giving advice on how to decorate your home.  I love all his ideas.  

I am so grateful to have Kevin as our realtor. Without him I think my husband and I would be even more stress out.  We are so bless to be able to work with Kevin.  thank you so much for making this process a good experience for us and for helping us find our first home that we truly love.  

We will be looking forward to the next time when we have to upgrade our home to fit our growing family.

- M.P. (Anaheim, CA)