Albert J. (Irvine, CA)

I found my realtor for life! As a first time home buyers (my wife and I), it can be quite a daunting experience. After our first meetup with Kevin, we knew this is the guy we want to work along with. We met with many realtor in the past where we felt so much pressure to buy immediately, but with Kevin it was the exact opposite. He listened and made sure he understood exactly what we are looking for. The entire time he reassured us that no matter how short or how long it'll take to find our home, he is committed to us till the end. He wanted us to feel at peace through the entire home buying process, and he sure delivered that!

Not only is Kevin easy to work with, respectful, and loyal to his client, he has a wealth load of knowledge on real estate and county laws and regulations. His attention to small details (and very nick-picky personality) provided us a new dimension when we went out to look at homes together. It really helped give us deeper insights on what to look out for when shopping for homes. My biggest appreciation for Kevin is that his goal is not to sell me any home, but really finding a home that we absolutely LOVED! I loved how he would keep asking us "Are you guys happy?", it makes me smile to know Kevin is a realtor that cares for his client and really want to make sure we are happy.

Another plus working with Kevin, is that he is so well connected with the right people. We ended up using a lot of his recommendations for additional services we needed from inspector to contractor for remodeling, which they were all fantastic! Kevin is so well-liked and such a well-respected individual, everyone that had worked with him have nothing but positive feedback about him. I felt so reassured to choose Kevin as my realtor hearing those feedback.

Kevin, thank you so much for your amazing hard work to get us an amazing house. We are so blessed to have met you. You made our experience so pleasant and so fun. I will miss seeing your enthusiasm and definitely look forward to the next time we need look for another place. THANK YOU!!! =)

- Albert J. (Irvine, CA)